Eurovision Song Contest (1974.04.06)


In 1974, Olivia represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest. This takes place annually, held in the country that won the contest the previous year. Olivia performed a song that had been chosen by the British TV viewers, Long Live Love. She later admitted to loathing that "oompah-oompah" song, wishing she could sing a lovely ballad called Angel Eyes. Of course, Olivia - and everybody else in the contest - lost to ABBA's Waterloo.

This is the best quality I could find for the actual performance. There is another file that includes a small snippet about Olivia right before the song which I'll upload later.

euro02 euro03


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The Tonight Show (1974.06.05)


Olivia's first appearance on the Tonight Show, then hosted by US TV legend Johnny Carson.

ts02 ts03

She gave a short interview where she discusses Australian slang with Carson and giving him examples, and performed two songs : If you love me (let me know) and I honestly love you, during which she gets a bit emotional, shedding a tear near the end of the song and her voice breaking down a bit.

ts04 ts05


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The Mike Douglas Show (1974.08.27)


Olivia's first appearance on the Mike Douglas Show happened over the summer of 1974 where she performed Let Me Be There.

She also gave a short interview where Douglas predicted she'd turn out to be a big star.

mike02 mike03



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Sounds Like Les Dawson (1974.09.04)


Les Dawson invited Olivia again in 1974 in his new show where she performed I Honestly Love You.

like02 like03

She also played a part in a couple of skits, sang a medley/battle of songs (including The Loco-Motion) with Dawson and part of the finale.

like04 like05

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It's Cliff Richard (1974.09.28)


After having been a permanent guest on Cliff Richard's TV series in the early 70s, Olivia returned to the show in September of 1974 to promote I Honestly Love You.

cliff02 cliff03

She also duetted with Cliff on I'm Leaving It All Up To You and All I Have To Do Is Dream, before being part of the finale, Proud Mary.

cliff04 cliff05


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